This site is about my Surf Fishing for Striped Bass and Blue fish.
Ocean and bay side.
All artificials, no bait. No snag and drop. No boat fishing (I am anti-boat fishing). Mostly alone, hate crowds.  Plugs, metal, plastic and rubber is what I fish with.
And its all catch and release. If I get a keeper and can’t revive it I will keep it. Otherwise they are set free. Starting April through some time in December I fish 1 trip, every Sunday AM, on the water from between 12:30 AM and 2:00 AM to between 8:00 and 11:00 AM, somewhere on Long Island.  Its the experience out there that I enjoy. Every trip is a new experience.

10/18/2016 43 ich Bass on 3 Oz Bucktail and Fat Cow Trailer
10/18/2016 43 inch Bass on 3 Oz Bucktail and Fat Cow Trailer, my largest bass to date, released
2016/9/10 Demo, three fisherman in rough surf….Greg, Gregory and Owen. Grand Kids first time out with me. That each caught Fluke in crazy windy conditions.
Super Strike Darter, 4:00 AM
Super Strike Darter, 4:00 AM,  2014
Big Fischer Darter 3:40 AM
Big Fischer Darter 3:40 AM October 2015
41" Striped Bass
2008 May Striped Bass
False Albie
2007 October False Albie On a teaser…in front of a Pencil
May 2013 on a Bernzy Howdy
May 2013 on a Howdy

This is what its about. My friend Roddy from Connecticut caught this bass on his custom plug. I know of no one who catches more fish on wood than Roddy.

2012 Roddy Bass
2012 Roddy Bass
Gift from my wife….

Surfcasters Journal, Its about Surfcasting.  Great blog, great magazine.

Surfcasters Journal