2017 Pics

December 3rd, last trip of the year, CSS and bass from 14 to 22 inches, most 20 inch, 17 shorts all in the dark.  Hit wider plug profiles this time also.


November 26th, CSS, 27 Bass 14 to 24 inches, used the 9′ Vapor Trail, perfect rod for these Bass. Mambo and Black Teaser were Hot, caught most on them.

November 5th, one 30 inch bass, lots of wind, white water and seals.


October 29th, Jones. One short Bass ~2:00 AM on Hogy and a small blue bayside ~10:00

Vacation week of October 15th

CSS for one short bass, fished hard. Nice water, stained and warm.

Hit the sand out East. Only a short Bass, very nice out.

North Side September 17, 1 Bass, 1 Blue shorts, Foggy

North Side September 10, 3 Bass, shorts all in the light

September 3rd, great Striper Water but no fish

Surf…..Camera on the fritz

August 27 Trip, 4 Bass and 1 Blue between 22 and 26 inches

August 24, 1 Short Bass, a cracked guide, two lost plugs, a lost fish after a nice one minute plus fight….Fun Trip

August 22, 7 Bass again 22″ to 28″. This trip all caught between 3:00 and 4:30 AM, again crap pics….


August 20, 7 Bass and 1 Blue, 22″ to 28″, All caught between 4:30 and 6:15, Crap pics


August 13, 4 Blues ~24 inches. Great fun, top water

August 6th trip picked up 11 schoolies from 18″ to 26″. First one at 2:45, last at 8:00. Very fun night in the rocks.

July 30 Trip, new area, nice looking water, nothing

7/30/2017 Surf Shinnecock

July 23rd Trip, 4 small Blues, a Fluke and a broken 10′ Avid’


July 16th trip, 2 short Bass

July 9th Trip, 1 short Bass

July 2nd Trip, 3 blues and a short bass

June 25th trip, Skunk City

June 18 Trip

A short bass and a blue for me. Fun trip, its always invigorating out on a bar getting pounded

June 11 Trip

May 28th Trip

Ended up with 9 blues, 2-5 pounds. Including these two that hit the Big Fischer Popper

May 21 Trip

Three blues in the dark (2 ocean side)and five in the light (inlet). Between 25 and 36 inches


May 14th Trip

Finally picked up a few fish. Nine Blues between 24 and 32 inches, On metal, Sebile stick and SS Darter.

April 23 Trip, 1 Bass 3:00 AM on Washed Ashore Swim Darter

April 16 LI trip, no action

March trip to LI for another permit. Ready for the season.

3/26/2017 Smith Point for permit

Trip to get Long Island Permits and took a couple pics of the North Side.

1/22/2017 Montauk North Side
1/22/2017 Montauk North Side