About the site

Its about my Surf Fishing
No boats, No bait.
Fishing out front and in the back, plugs, metal, rubber and teasers.
In New Jersey and Long Island.
Surf fishing can mean different things to different people.
Some go to the surf with their family to relax and fish, others go out and throw bait and wait.
For me its getting lost in the pursuit of Striped Bass and Blue Fish. Searching for productive water, trying to find water with bait. I love fishing rough water, wind in the face. Then throw in some rain and I could not have a better day. Gotta love the real dark nights fishing bay side with a strong current with no one else around. Solitude…Intense solitude. And then the white water, he water that energizes the bass with oxygen.
When I am out there whether night or day nothing else exists. Concentration on each cast. Listening for a splash, looking for a swirl as a bass or blue crushes bait. Out there never knowing what I’ll find or see. From incredibly colorful sunrises, to water boiling with Blues smashing through bait. Capturing some of the experience with a camera is another aspect of the total experience.
So this site is about my “Surf Fishing Experience”.



Me, Bob and Bob's father
Me, Bob and Bob’s father. First trip, my 2nd Striper
Early December trip
Early December trip

I usually fish from April into December (every week a ride to a beach)

The Fisherman in 1994
The Fisherman in 1994, just starting out