Avid Rods

Well I really like my CTS Vapor Trail rods. But…..

I have the Avid Surf AVSS110MHF2. The rod is 10’ 8” long (I cut 4” from the butt end and it weighs 13.3 oz and it should be rated at 1-5 oz.
I really like the rod, it has a fast action that loads with light plugs like Red Fins and it’s a strong powerful rod that will load a 4 oz. metal. Its great for casting 14” Hogys, doesn’t collapse.
I have it paired with a Zee Baas ZX-22 reel.

It is my “big water” rod,, I did not use it in 2014, the year I was recovering from shoulder surgery. But in 2015 it will get a lot of use.

I can cast 1/2 oz with it.
I can cast 1 oz plastic a mile with it.
I can cast 4 oz metal 2 miles with it.
I can cast 14″ Hogys with it better than any rod I have used, it does not collapse from the Hogy’s inertia.
The rod is sensitive enough, I can work pencils with it. The fast action is perfect for the plugging I do.
Avid Surf AVSS110MHF2 Avid Surf AVSS110MHF2