CTS Vapor Trail

I have two CTS Vapor Trail Rods, 11′ and 9′.

Vapor Trail 11′ rod VT1102-1, Rated 1-3 oz.

And a VT902-1, Rated 1-3 oz.

Both have Fuji K series SIC guides  and Fuji butt cap BRC model

Bought from Rich, of RH Custom Rods LLC
They have a moderate/slow taper and a flexible tip (very versatile). Loads throughout the rod.
Both throw from 4 1/2 oz plugs to 5 1/2″ Red Fins to 14″ Hogys.
The rod’s weights are, 11 footer weighs 10.2 oz. and the9 footer weighs in at 8.6 oz.

Been fishing the 9′ rod bay side, great rod. 1/2 oz plugs to the Mike’s Custom 4 1/2 oz Beast Darter.  The rod handles the lighter plugs and can lob the heavy.

Ocean and bayside the Vapor Trail 11′ rod VT1102-1 is unreal light. Handles the same plug range. Is an absolute rocket launcher.  Incredibly easy on the shoulder.

Reel stem is at 21″, then 8 total guides, from the butt to first guide 68”next guide 16”, then 12”, 10”, 8”, 7”, 6”, 5″ (tip).

These rods have become my “light stuff rods” I like the ODM 11 foot Genesis rod as my all around rod. I have a much better hook up ratio and fish landing ratio on long casts with the ODM Genesis. Its got more balls.

Super Strike Darter, 4:00 AM
Super Strike Darter, 4:00 AM
3 of 7 caught on town beach
3 of 7 caught on town beach