Like the  Super Strike Darters a lot. Others that I like are Surf Asylum, Linesider 69 made a few real nice small wood darters, CCW Darters and Mikes.

Super Strike Darters being plastic are very reliable, all “dart” the same, cast decent and are available in many colors. In the night I like Black over Gold, Black over Purple and Parrot. In day Yellow over white. But with all the availible colors its fun to mix it up and figure things out

Surf Asylum, excellent

Couch Cedar Works, CCW, very good quality Darters

Couch Cedar Works
Couch Cedar Works Mini Darter 1.7 oz, 4.5 inches

The North Bar Darters that came out in 2016, they weigh 2 oz. I load them with mineral water (.5 oz, 14 ml). They dig nice and can feel them a little more than the Super Strike. They dig a little deeper.

Super Strike on top (2.3 oz)
Northbar on bottom, (2.0 oz)
Super Strike on left, Northbar on right
Loaded Northbar Darter, 2.5 oz
Northbar Loaded
North Bar Loaded Darter

Surf Asylum with a 3 oz Darter with a chamber for scent

Surf Asylum Darter with scent chamber
Surf Asylum Darters, the chartreuse one has the scent chamber. ~2.5 oz

Afterhours Darters

After Hours Darter
Top two Afterhours, bottom is Linesider69

Mag Darters

6 1/2″ Mag Darters