Line, Leader and Hooks


2016 Fall switched to Spiderwire Ultracas® Invisi-Braid. Very happy wit it. Supposedly it requires no break-in period, stronger, smoother, and much more durable than other braids. Also should outcasts and outlasts the rest.

So far it looks good.

I made this last switch after fishing the Spiderwire Stealth since 2015. Stealth was a fine line, superior to all the others I had tried over the years.

Random Line stuff
I have used 50 lb and it cuts down on casting distance to much.  I feel more “in touch” with the lighter plugs also with the 30 lb.

An important thing to do with braided line is to cut back around 3 feet of line after each trip, the line on the end takes a bit of a beating and weakens.

I don’t like  Daiwa Samurai Braid, did not  hold up, weakened, frayed.

Power Pro has atrocious quality control.

Power Pro Super Slick was great casting, but after awhile it seemed to fray. Its breaking strength seemed a bit low.

Sufix 832 braid was very good, liked it a lot. The Spiderwire Stealth has been more reliable, less knots.


For the leader I use Seaguar Premier 30 lb or 50 lb Fluorocarbon
This is better than their Blue Label Fluorocarbon (stronger and more flexible)
Have never had a problem with the 50 lb breaking. With the 30 lb I really need to pay attention to nicks as this stuff breaks easy, especially where I tie the teaser loop. For tying the teaser rig I like the 50 lb Seaguar Blue Label Fluorocarbon, its a little stiffer than the premium and that helps keep the teaser untangled. Starting in 2015 my fishing teasers tie has been cut back Maybe 5% of the time at most do I have the leader with the teaser loop on. I have found it easier to concentrate on the presentation without the teaser. I have also seen the size of my fish get larger than if I was using a teaser.

I use Breakaway Fastlinks for clipping plugs or Bucktails to the leaders. I use the dark ones, not the shiny ones. Been using these since I started surf fishing. The quality of these links has deteriorated over the years. The darkness wears out, they get deformed easier.

Fast Link Breakaway Clips
Fast Link Breakaway Clips


Teaser rig

Teaser loop



I use mostly VMC 9626 PS treble hooks (4X). For years I cut them rather than use a split ring. Now my preference is to use the split ring. My thinking is the ring removes some of the leverage the fish will have in dislodging the hook. I do not normally crush my barbs. I may do it while on the water and into a certain bite, like schoolie bass or blues. But when I hit the water, I have all my hooks sharp and with barbs. I tried on a few occasions crushing my barbs, and with a tight line I lost fish more often.

Sometimes I may want a heavier or a stronger hook. The VMC 8527PS is a 6X hook.

4X and 6X Hooks
4X 9626PS
1/0 ~.075 oz
2/0 ~.100 oz

6X 8527PS
1/0 ~.095 oz
2/0 ~.120 oz

8527PS/9626PS Size 1/0
8527PS/9626PS Size 1/0
8527PS/9626PS Size 2/0
8527PS/9626PS Size 2/0
Mustad 9430-DS Treble 5X Strong DuraSteel Hook

A hook that can be used to replace a treble on plugs is the VMC 7266 .

Used on plugs to replace trebles
Used on plugs to replace trebles