Plastics Plugs

Well since everyone use SP Minnows, I don’t use them that much.

Rapala MaxRap 15 and 17, Skinny, great sandeel imitator

MaxRap 15 and 17 with single hooks


IThe Shimano Coltsniper Jerkbait, casts great. I painted a few black, left a silver belly.  140 mm and 170 mm.

Shimano Coltsniper
5.5″ 1.1 oz
6/\.7″ 1.8 oz

Loaded Red Fins with Bee-Bees.  Again with this plug I like Black and the gold belly. Or the White with the black top.

I use .177 caliber BBs, 4.5 mm.
7 inch get (2) VMC 2/0 hooks, 17 BBs and weigh in around 1.2 – 1.25 oz
5 inch get (2) VMC 1 hooks, 6 BBs and weigh in around .8 oz

Bombers I use in calm water and fish slow.